The technique of intralipotherapy  has been developed and patented by Prof. Dr. Motolese, Italy, to break down fat cells, fat content and even the fat cell nucleus without surgery or downtime. Aqualyx is a biocompatible and fully resorbable solution, which removes small fat accumulations. Unlike many other fat-busting treatments, Intralipotherapy with Aqualyx has full CE approval, and is now available in the Nordic region.The treatment can be applied pretty much everywhere, including the inside of the knees, inner thighs, arms, love handles, stomach area and gynecomasty. Everywhere with the exception of under the eyes or on the ankles. The treatment is suitable for everyone provided you have no serious medical condition or if you are pregnant. Sessions take place once every three weeks. It is specially designed for use in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery, to dissolve small fatty deposits. It liquefies the fat cell to lipids (fats) are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

Intralipotherapy and Aqualyx is the safest and an almost painless method of conducting the procedure.

Areas which may undergo Aqualyx therapy:

Inner side of thighs and knees, trochanter area, below buttocks, belly, hips, upper extremities, double chin, adipose sacks of lower eyelid, Xanthelasmas and Lipomas